Treknor Orienteer Deluxe Map Compass

Treknor Orienteer Deluxe Map Compass

Treknor Orienteer Deluxe Map Compass
Item# T580
Sale price:
$8.50, 2/$15.95
This compass is consistently our number one selling baseplate compass and our best pick for overall features vs. price. This map compass from Treknor is the most feature-rich compass under $10 we have ever seen! Check out the PDF download link in the paragraph below, to see what we mean.

The Orienteer baseplate map compass sets new standards in compass navigation by offering professional compass features at an entry level price. Things like luminous points, cutouts for map marking, an adjustable lanyard, and this many map scales -- we just aren't used to seeing these things on the entry level compasses. The Treknor Orienteer is a definite value!

If you really want to see everything the Treknor Orienteer Map Compass has to offer, check out this Treknor T580 "Features" sheet (pdf) download with all the details.

How To Use the Orienteer relative to Magnetic North (PDF)

How To Use the Orienteer relative to True North (PDF)

Each Orienteer map compass features:

  • Rotating bezel with 2 degree graduations
  • Luminous points
  • Declination adjustment scale
  • Adjustable Neck lanyard
  • 1:24,000 map scales
  • Inch ruler with 1:63,360 and 1:100,000 reference
  • Cm ruler with 1:25,000 and 1:50,000 reference
  • Reciprocal reference mark
  • Circular cutout for map marking
  • Clear direction of travel arrow

    2.25in x 4.5in
    1.1 oz. (30g)
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