Harbin Slim-Line Pocket Transit

Harbin Slim-Line Pocket Transit

Harbin Slim-Line Pocket Transit
Item# H-DQL-2A
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This very unique pocket transit works like most any other pocket transit just without all the bulk.

The solid aluminum body and lid provide durable protection to the 0-360 degree azimuth scale of this precision instrument. The direct-read compass capsule of this transit features 1 degree resolution and 1/2 degree accuracy. And the dry compass capsule features both a needle-lock to protect the compass assembly during transit and gear driven adjustable declination to allow for simple compensated bearings.

The vertical angle clinometer scale features 1 degree increments and has a range of 90 degrees with an accuracy of 1/2 degree. And this locking clinometer allows you to take an accurate dip or angle with a simple push-button activator, and then release to lock the clinometer in place for close and detailed inspection of the measurement angle.

Other features include a bubble level, sighting mirror with lubber line and sighting hole, wrist lanyard, and a vinyl carrying case with linen lining and a belt loop. Note: This item is not waterproof

Overall Weight (without the case): 6.7 oz.
Dimensions (closed): 2.6in x 3.1in x 0.8in

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