Brunton M2:6050 Pocket Transit

Brunton M2:6050 Pocket Transit

Brunton M2:6050 Pocket Transit
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Brunton Pocket Transits, typically known as a "BRUNTON", are still considered the most reliable, accurate and most respected field instrument to geologists, surveyors, mining engineers, civil engineers, environmental engineers and foresters worldwide.  This M2: 6050 model utilizes a lightweight composite body and cast NdFeB rare earth magnet needle (similar to the 5008), but features a 0-6400 mils scale instead of a 0-360 degree azimuth scale. Additionally, it is olive green instead of light grey.

The M2: 6050 model transit features a single NdFeB magnet that resists demagnetization better than other types of magnets for increased reliability.  Waterproof and accurate to ± 10 mils with a 0-6400 mils ring, the  M2: 6050 model features an induction dampened needle for quick and accurate readings.  And the gear driven magnetic declination adjustment allows for east or west declination settings to 180 degrees.

The vertical angle scale featuring 1 degree increments has a range of ± 90 degrees or 100% grade scale with an accuracy of ± 1/2 degree.  A percent grade scale features increments of 5%.

Other special features include the precision aligned mirror with convenient "see through" sighting capability, short and long sights, composite body material with minimal thermal mass, jeweled bearings, and bubble levels.  Each of these special features helps to increase the accuracy of your measurements.  In addition to the many special features mentioned, every M2: 6050 model pocket transit comes complete with a comprehensive compass instruction book and weatherproof plastic olive green case.

Dimensions: 3.2" x 2.8" x 1.3"
Weight: 5.7 oz

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