K&R M1 Sport Sighting Compass

K&R M1 Sport Sighting Compass

K&R M1 Sport Sighting Compass
Item# 382110
This German manufactured compass features K&R's patented thermo-elastic capsule -- taking what is typically the most fragile part of the compass, and making it the most durable. K&R's thermo-elastic capsule is flexible, not brittle. This accomplishes two things: 1) the capsule flexes with temperature and altitude changes to keep out bubbles, and 2) the capsule doesn't develop leaking hairline cracks when you drop it (or step on it).

Just like the Lumo Tec, but without the luminescent bezel and adjustable declination, the M1 Sport features a full-size compass capsule and triple sighting system for improved accuracy. The triple sighting system includes a sighting window below the mirror, a sighting slit in the mirror, and gun sights above the mirror. But what really sets this mirror apart from the competition is the construction. Instead of being made from fragile acrylic, this mirror is made from polished alulminum -- making the mirror virtually unbreakable!

And don't be fooled into thinking this is a small micro compass. This compass features the same full size capsule and luminescent bezel as the Alpin, just with a shorter baseplate and mirror.

  • Durable ABS baseplate and mirror case
  • Triple sighting system
  • Unbreakable polished aluminum sighting mirror
  • Fluid filled dampening
  • Thermo-elastic capsule for durable bubble-free performance
  • Luminescent navigation points
  • 0-360 degree azimuth scale (2 degree resolution)
  • Comfortably wide neck lanyard with release

    Dimensions: 3in x 2.25in
    Weight: 2.0 oz.

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