Pewter World Map Compass Necklace

Pewter World Map Compass Necklace

Pewter World Map Compass Necklace
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Designed and manufactured in the USA by Journeyworks, this compass pendant features a world map (focused on North America) on the front side of the pendant, and a working compass capsule on the back side of the pendant. The dome shape of the map makes it almost appear as half globe protruding from the pendant. Each pendant is cast in solid pewter, and features both an adjustable leather cord (30” max) necklace and a traditional stainless steel ball chain (30” max) necklace. Use with either of the two necklaces provided, or use this great compass pendant on any necklace of your choice. The natural silver color of the solid pewter jewelry goes with almost anything, and won’t tarnish over time.

The symbolism of the compass is perfect for so many occasions. And the fact that this pendant is equipped with a true working compass, could make the pendant a life-saving tool, if not just a great assistant in a time of need.

Note: Click on either image for a closer look.

Pendant Dimensions: 0.75" Dia. + loop
Pendant Weight: 0.27 oz.
Necklaces Provided: Adjustable Knotted Leather Cord and Stainless Steel Ball Chain (each 30”max)

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