Brunton Gentleman's Compass

Brunton Gentleman's Compass

Brunton Gentleman's Compass
Item# DWB-1894
More than 100 years ago, David William Brunton took the initiative to change his world. His pocket transit, a handheld surveying compass and clinometer, revolutionalized the way engineers perform their duties accross the world. Now, the company that bears his name honors D.W. Brunton's ingenuity with the Gentleman's Compass.

Modeled after an original D.W. Brunton design, the solid milled aluminum body of this collectible pays tribute to both its durability and beauty. The swivel-style lid features a lift arm needle protector, locking the needle in place when the compass is closed (and in your pocket).

Detailed with brass accents and quality engravings, this unique pocket compass is already a work of art, but perfectly suited for personalization by adding additional engraving on the front or back. Each side features a clear circular area, 1 inch in diameter, where you could engrave names, initials, or any other significant markings to make this compass truely your own.

Engraving services are not available through The Compass Store. Please see your local engraver for an assortment of engraving capabilities on milled aluminum.

Carry Weight: 2.2 oz
Diameter: 2.0 inches
Thickness: 0.6 inches

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