Dalvey Sport Compass

Dalvey Sport Compass

Dalvey Sport Compass
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Imported directly from Scotland

This new pocket compass from Dalvey has a smoother front face and a stylish compass rose on the inside lid. And the back side is still completely smooth. Now you have both a front and back side suitable for engraving.

This pocket compass from Dalvey allows today's traveler to explore with confidence and style by combining elegance and fine workmanship with a high quality compass. The perfect gift for an accomplished executive, or a new graduate just beginning life's adventures.

The liquid filled capsule features a tungsten steel needle on a jeweled bearing. Around the capsule is a rotating azimuth ring with 2 degree resolution. The capsule is set in a precision made, non-tarnish stainless steel body. The highly polished stainless lid features an engraving area below the Dalvey logo, and folds into a pocket-watch style fob. The back side of the compass features a smooth polished surface suitable for engraving an entire message or phrase.

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    Engraving services are not available through The Compass Store. Please see your local engraver for an assortment of engraving capabilities on stainless steel.

    Carry Weight: 93g (3.3oz.)
    Diameter: 2-3/8 inches
    Thickness: 3/4 inches

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