Cammenga 27 REALTREE Lensatic Compass

Cammenga 27 REALTREE Lensatic Compass

Cammenga 27 REALTREE Lensatic Compass
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We are no longer stocking Cammenga compasses for individual purchases. Cammenga compasses are available for bulk purchase only (50+ units per order). Please email for a bulk order quote.

Now Cammenga (the US Military compass supplier) is offering their Model 27 Military Lensatic Compass dipped in REALTREEŽ Camouflage. And it even includes a REALTREE camo compass pouch.

The model 27 compass from CAMMENGA has been used as an alternative to the tritium version for decades. It is the same lensatic compass CAMMENGA has been supplying to the US Military except the self-luminous tritium has been replaced with phosphorescent paint (and now wrapped in REALTREE camo).

This compass features both a 0-6400 mils scale (20 mil resolution) and a 0-360 degree scale (5 degree resolution), with an accuracy of +/- 40 mils.

Other features of this most rugged and accurate compass are a sapphire jewel bearing, rotating bezel, a magnifying sighting optic, cast aluminum frame, REALTREE LC-1 pouch with belt clip, induction dampening, and a climate capacity ranging from -50 to +150 degrees F.

Same as National Stock Number: 6605-01-196-6971. Mil Spec: MIL-PRF-10436N, except luminosity of this compass is phosphorescent paint, not tritium.

Closed dimensions: 2.25in W x 3in L x 1.1in H

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