K&R Alpin PRO Baseplate Sighting Compass

K&R Alpin PRO Baseplate Sighting Compass

K&R Alpin PRO Baseplate Sighting Compass
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Use this unique compass like a standard baseplate compass with rotating bezel, or flip up the prism optic to take a direct bearing reading off the internal compass card with one degree resolution and 1/2 degree accuracy.
(Click on the inset image to see the prism view.)

The transparent baseplate features rubber feet, magnifying glass, circular and triangular holes for marking, and K&R's durable thermo-elastic fluid capsule. K&R's thermo-elastic capsule is flexible, not brittle. This accomplishes two things: 1) the capsule flexes with temperature changes to keep out bubbles, and 2) the capsule doesn't develop leaking hairline cracks when you drop it (or step on it). On the reverse side of the capsule K&R has even outfitted this model with a built-in clinometer. The Alpin PRO is manufactured in Germany by Kasper & Richter, who have been making precision instruments since 1920.

  • Rotating bezel with 0-360 degree azimuth scale, 2 degree resolution
  • Internal compass card with 0-360 degree azimuth scale and reciprocal scale, 1 degree resolution
  • Folding prism allowing for 1/2 degree accuracy
  • Inch and mm scales
  • 1:25,000 - 1:50,000 - 1:63,360 Map Scales
  • Transparent baseplate with rubber feet
  • Circular and triangular cutouts for map marking
  • Clinometer; 0-90 degrees with 1 degree resolution
  • Sapphire pivot
  • Reference scales on top of compass card in degrees and mils
  • Fluid-filled thermo-elastic capsule for durable bubble-free performance
  • Luminescent bezel, North point, and direction of travel arrow

    Each Alpin PRO includes a durable nylon carry case with velcro closure and belt loop.

    Dimensions: 4.1 in x 2.4 in
    Overall Weight: 1.7 oz
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