K&R Alpin Sighting Compass

K&R Alpin Sighting Compass

K&R Alpin Sighting Compass
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The K&R Alpin is consistently in our top 2 or 3 for sighting mirror compass sales.

Similar to the Sherpa BW2, but with the added features of a built-in clinometer, luminous bezel, and an all-new declination adjustment method. Now the inner ring can be set to your current declination -- making super-easy adjusted readings.

Tested and developed in cooperation the BRK Mountain Rescue Service, this precision compass from K&R was built with durability in mind. What really separates the Alpin from the rest of the mirror sighting field is the thermo-elastic fluid filled capsule and the solid metal mirror (polished aluminum).

K&R's thermo-elastic capsule is flexible, not brittle. This accomplishes two things: 1) the capsule flexes with temperature changes to keep out bubbles, and 2) the capsule doesn't develop leaking hairline cracks when you drop it (or step on it).

And since the sighting mirror is made of solid metal housed in a durable ABS lid -- there is no fragile glass or plexiglass to crack or break. This is truly a work-horse with precision accuracy.

If your declination is Easterly (+), then rotate the inside ring clockwise (while holding the outside ring steady) and set the inside ring arrow on your declination value. Rotate in the opposite direction for Westerly (-) declination values. Now to take your bearing just line the needle up with the inside ring arrow (the red dot side of the "house").


  • Adjustable declination
  • Triple sighting system
  • Unbreakable polished aluminum sighting mirror
  • Fluid filled dampening
  • Thermo-elastic capsule for durable bubble-free performance
  • Integrated clinometer (0-90 deg; 1 deg resolution)
  • Transparent baseplate with rubber feet
  • 1:24,000 and 1:63,360 map scales
  • Degrees/percent conversion table
  • Luminescent bezel and navigation points
  • 0-360 degree azimuth scale (2 degree resolution)
  • Cm and inch ruler
  • Magnifying lens
  • Cut-outs for map marking
  • Comfortably wide neck lanyard with release
  • Manufactured in Germany, exclusively for the USA

    Dimensions: 2.5in x 4.3in
    Weight: 2.5 oz.

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