Nobilis Pocket Compass

Nobilis Pocket Compass

Nobilis Pocket Compass
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This pocket compass is consistently our number one selling product (in unit sales) for the pocket and gift compass category.


Manufactured by, and imported directly from, Kasper & Richter of Germany. Picking up this pocket compass, you will immediately notice the solid and durable heavy-weight feel of this alloyed steel classic. Then after you open the push-button lid you will see the reflective compass card with 8 cardinal points and a 0-360 azimuth scale. The capsule with a blue reference line rotates so you can more clearly determine your desired bearing.

The metallic color of this compass is predominantly silver, with just a hint of bronze. The smooth clean lines of this pocket compass leave plenty of room to engrave on either side. Each compass is housed in a beautiful gift box and manufactured in Germany by the family-owned compass factory of Kasper & Richter.

Engraving services are not available through The Compass Store. Please see your local engraver for an assortment of engraving capabilities on painted steel.

Pocket Compass Diameter: 2.3 inches
Pocket Compass Thickness: 0.68 inches
Pocket Compass Weight: 6oz (170g)
Gift Box Dimensions: 3.75in x 4.1in x 1.5in

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