20mm Dry Button Compass (12PK)

20mm Dry Button Compass (12PK)

20mm Dry Button Compass (12PK)
Item# DRY-20MM-B
This small yet precise dry capsule button compass provides an excellent quality compass for any variety of custom applications. Priced for bulk purchases, this compass is not a toy, but a real life-saving device.

Not designed to be used as a stand-alone compass, this compass is designed to be used in any manufactured product you can dream up.

Total diameter is 20mm (just over 3/4 inch). The operating temperature ranges from negative 10 degrees F to positive 110 degrees F. The capsule features a compass card with green cardinal letters. Water resistant to 10 feet.

Sold only in Packs of 12 units.

Total Diameter: 20mm
Total Height: 7mm
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