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Tick Bar - Tick Remover

A must have for ANYONE who spend time outdoors -- hikers and orienteers alike! The Tick Bar is a simple, safe and solid instrument for easy and correct removal of ticks, mites and other parasites from the skin of human and pets. The Tick Bar is designed according to the current recommendations on tick removal, minimizing the agitation of the tick. With the Tick Bar you donít squeeze, crush or puncture the tick and this reduces the risk of the tick salivating or regurgitating potentially infectious fluids through the bite wound. Removing ticks with the Tick Bar also prevents the mouthparts of a tick from breaking and remaining in the skin, which reduces the risk of local inflammation.

How to use the Tick Bar:
1. Clear the area around the tick
2. Place the fork of the Tick Bar against the skin
3. Slide the Tick Bar under the tick
4. Lift the tick carefully from the skin
5. Disinfect the bite area and the Tick Bar after the tick has been removed

The bottom line about the Tick Bar is that it is safe and easy to use, it has no moving parts, it is robust and durable, and it is made of stainless steel and it lasts forever.

Dimensions: 4.25in x 0.25in
Weight: 0.8oz.

Availability: Usually ships the same business day

Tick Bar - Tick Removal Tool TICK1$11.95

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