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(30 Students)

This class instructional kit features 30 A-10 Partner compasses (over a $350 value alone!), plus you receive a large instructional mock compass suitable for overhead projector use. And it all stores neatly and securely in an attractive and durable plastic case with a shockproof foam plastic bed. You're basically getting $50 of free merchandise with your compass purchase.

Dimensions: 15 x 11 x 3.5

Note: You can purchase additional A-10 baseplate compasses, or translucent instructional compasses below.

Availability: Usually ships the same business day

Suunto Classroom Kit - 30 Students 514937Regular price: $499.00Sale price: $449.00

Suunto A-10 Partner II CompassSuunto A-10 Partner II CompassThe A-10 from Suunto, is a great general purpose baseplate compass, with a new ergonomic baseplate, fixed declination correction scale, and a snap-lock lanyard. The snap-lock enables the user to easily detach the compass from the lanyard.

How does this compass compare to the less expensive Silva Starter compass? Well, they are very similar, but the Suunto A10 adds a lanyard and map scales.

Dimensions: 2.2in x 4in Weight: 23g

Availability: Usually ships the same business day

Suunto A-10 Partner II Compass 51A10Regular price: $19.95Sale price: $15.25
Instructional Compass - A20 StyleInstructional Compass - A20 StyleThis large translucent mock-up compass with rotating capsule and needle, is perfect for use with overhead projectors. THIS IS NOT A REAL WORKING COMPASS. THIS COMPASS IS FOR DISPLAY/TRAINING PURPOSES ONLY. Typically, only one per classroom is needed. It is a great way to show to an entire classroom the detailed compass features, while each student can compare to a real compass in their hands. The features of this mock compass resemble the features of the old Suunto A-20 baseplate compass, which is really just an A-10 with a slightly longer baseplate..

Dimensions: 14in x 7in

Availability: Usually ships the same business day

Instructional Compass - A20 Style 514955Regular price: $40.00Sale price: $36.95

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