Dalvey Pocket Compass - Black Stainless

Dalvey Pocket Compass - Black Stainless

Dalvey Pocket Compass - Black Stainless
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This new pocket compass from Dalvey features the same smooth polished stainless steel exterior you’ve come to expect from Dalvey, but now with a new slim-line push-button release and rubberized interior. Pocket compasses from Dalvey allow today's traveler to explore with confidence and style by combining elegance and fine workmanship with a high quality compass. The perfect gift for an accomplished executive, or a new graduate just beginning life's adventures.

The liquid filled capsule features a tungsten steel needle on a jeweled bearing. Around the capsule is a rotating azimuth ring with 2 degree resolution. The capsule is set in a durable rubberized body wrapped with a stainless steel outer shell that is completely smooth (and polished) on both sides, and feature plenty of space for engraving. Engraving services are not available through The Compass Store. Please see your local engraver for an assortment of engraving capabilities on stainless steel.

Carry Weight: 71g (2.5oz.)
Diameter: 3 inches
Thickness: 7/8 inches

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